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Yale® Smart Lock Module

Partnered with Nordic®, CA Engineering designed the innovative wireless connectivity module for the world's favorite lock.

Safe. Smart. Secure.

Since 1840, Yale® Home has provided security to families throughout North America. Implementing Nordic® Technologies, CA Engineering enables Yale® customers to monitor their locks and share access with others from anywhere. You can even control your lock using voice commands!

Backward Compatible. Future-proof.

CA Engineering developed a module that fits inside several models of Yale locks and provides advanced wireless connectivity.
CAE designed the module hardware,
created and provided the manufacturing files, implemented and fine-tuned the antenna design, developed a QA test suite, 
performed regulatory and certification testing, and developed all of the embedded firmware running on the module.

Apple Homekit? Check.

CA Engineering provides Homekit development, testing and certification for Yale® Home locks. The Yale® iM1 Smart Lock Module provides the ultimate for iOS users. When it comes to Homekit, we've got you covered.


Great Software Meets Great Hardware

CA Engineering supports Nordic® technologies from idea-to-shelf. 


  • Software Development
  • Embedded Firmware
  • Hardware Design
  • DVT Services
  • RF Antenna Design & Test
  • Manufacturing Test & Management

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  • Project Management
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  • Database Design & Management
  • Cloud Data Management
  • Product Characterization
  • Manufacturing Test & Design